jBPM 4.1 offers a new feature: Signavio Web Based Process Designer. It enables us to create charts via web as Eclipse jBPM plugin. It comes fully integrated with jBPM and its installation is very simple. This app includes BPMN 1.2 and developers already are thinking on BPMN 2.
On the other hand, you can find other options on the Internet, such as Simple Web Based BPEL 2 SVG Monitor, but the option mentioned above is very powerful and interesting. Two months ago, I tried the SVG BPEL monitor but as the name implies is simply a BPEL diagram monitor via web and its inclusion in any RIA application can be hard. We included it with ICEfaces + MySQL, we managed to integrate everything and finally it looked ok but the project was hard.signavioTake a look at the demo.