After reading a few articles about Domain-Specific Modeling (DSM) languages and usages in the July/August IEEE Software magazine, I discuss here the most interesting ideas and my own reflections about the topic.

(…) Although domain-specific modeling (DSM) languages have been adopted in industries such as telecommunications and insurance, they havent’t yet gained wide acceptance in practice.This is because the claims of increased productivity and ease of understanding havent’t yet been verified by independent studies. Does DSM improve the maintenaince performance of designers, compared to general-purpose modeling using UML? (…) by Lan cao, Balasubramaniam Ramesh and Matti Rossi.

I think that we should comprehend the semantic of DSM models more accurately than that of UML models.

Does BPMN or Activity Diagram satisfy our needs? Why should I adopt a DSL? DSM directly represents the problem space by mapping modeling concepts to domain concepts. The accuracy with which designers understand model syntax and model semantics is bigger with DSM language than UML, but  does this takes us again into the discussion standarization vs customization?

(…) I see the benefists of a DSL as closely tied with the benefits of using a library. The DSL is just a thin skin over the library. Even if not, much of what you can do with a DSL you can also do with a library. What the DSL adds is a clearer way to express the library’s configuration: following a state machine DSL can be far easier than following the equivalent API calls on a state machine library.

This leads to two primary benefits: the first, and simplest, is improved programmer productivity. (…) The second benefit is harder to achieve but potencially more important: communication with domain experts. (…) by Martin Fowler

I think the particularization is appropriate if a general model or standar doesn´t satisfy all the needs of an organization but what would happen if more than one domain interact with each? What language should I use?

Waiting for your feedback.

What’s next? I am going to post about my degree final project.