Does SOA improve something?

“We can’t say, Do SOA because it will give you a much more flexible set of systems. There’s no metric that says if I’m more agile I will safe X perfent. The number-one difficulty with SOA is that it’s hard to get the ROI down to the spreadsheet level.” — Daniel Sholler, Vice President of Research, Gartner[1]

[1] Kock, C (2006). “The Truth about SOA”, CIO Insider, June.

What books should I read?

Thomas Erl is the world’s top-selling SOA author, Series Editor of the Prentice Hall Service-Oriented Computing Series from Thomas Erl (, and Editor of the SOA Magazine ( Thomas is the founder of SOA Systems Inc. (, a company specializing in vendor-neutral SOA consulting and training services. Thomas is also the founder of the internationally recognized SOA Certified Professional program ( and

What’s next? In the next post I will try to explain the possible synergies that may have logistics area or field with Service-Oriented Architecture.